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Cross-linguistic patterns of vowel intrusion

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Conference on Sonority – 2016

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O Scribd é o maior site social de leitura e publicação do mundo. This article deals with the Tashlhiyt dialect of Berber (henceforth TB) spoken in the southern part of Morocco.

Amazigh languages

In TB, words may consist entirely of consonants without vowels and sometimes of only voiceless obstruents, e.g.

tft:tstt "you rolled it (fem)". Koryak schwa epenthesis analysis If the segments are syllabified from left to right obeying the preferred CVC syllabic template, then the introduction of the schwa is entirely predictable.

If we did not assume that epenthesis was syllable based, it would not be possible to account for the difference between the schwa insertionso in the verb. analysis is that the schwa and the following consonant share a branching mora, which sets the syllable weight to be light.

+e analysis is given within the framework of “classic” OT (Optimality +eory: Prince & Smolensky, /). Berber languages — This article is about the Berber language and its dialects as a whole. For other uses of the word Tamazight, see Central Morocco Tamazight. For other uses of the word Tamazight, see Central Morocco Tamazight.

One of the most important aspects of Irish phonology is that almost all consonants come in pairs, with one having a "broad" pronunciation and the other a "slender" one. Broad consonants are velarized, that is, the back of the tongue is pulled back and slightly up in the direction of the soft palate while the consonant is being articulated.

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