Large scale industries

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Importance and Problems of Medium / Large Scale Industries

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Large Scale Industry & Small Scale Industry Definition

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Difference between Small Scale Industry and Large Scale Industry

Large Scale Industry (i) These industries employ a larger number of persons and capital. (ii) The work is done mostly by larger machines and laborers.

Difference between Small Scale Industry and Large Scale Industry

(iii) Raw materials and used is large. Other industries: India has many large metallurgical industries. Shipbuilding, automobile industry and other large-scale engineering industries are directions in which India’s capital and enterprise will have a large scope for operation.

Large and small industries each play an important role in the national economy. Large industries provide jobs in quantity and are responsible for much of the country's heavy production. Small industries collectively are also major employers, and they fill many niches within the economy.

LARGE-SCALE INDUSTRY, –LARGE-SCALE INDUSTRY, – The term "large-scale industry" refers to factories that combine at least three characteristics: use of machinery, employment of wage labor, and the application of regulatory measures such as the Factory Act or Disputes Act. Small Scale Industry (i) These industries employ less number of persons and capital.

(ii) Most of the work is done by manpower, small machines and tools.

Large Scale Industry & Small Scale Industry Definition

1. Provides employment opportunities: In Nepal, there is the problem of unemployment due to the seasonal nature of agriculture. Development of medium and large scale industries help to remove the problem of unemployment by providing the large number of employment opportunities to unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled human resources.

Large scale industries
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Importance and Problems of Medium / Large Scale Industries