Malaysian aviation

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Malaysia civil aviation head resigns over MH370 failures

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Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) is a global aviation organisation with subsidiaries and equity investments organised into four distinct business segments: Air Transportation Services, Ground Services, Aircraft Leasing and Talent Development.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia’s civil aviation chief said Tuesday he has resigned to take responsibility after an independent investigative report highlighted shortcomings in the air traffic control center during Malaysia Airlines Flight MH’s disappearance four years ago.

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Eine Woche nach seinem Reifenschaden ist der Airbus A F-WMIL bereits wieder auf Testflügen am EuroAiprort zu sehen, diesmal ohne einen Zwischenfall. The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) was formally established on 1 March under the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act to regulate economic and commercial matters related to civil aviation in Malaysia.

Our goal is to promote a commercially viable, consumer-oriented and resilient civil aviation industry.

Malaysian aviation
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Malaysian civil aviation chief resigns over MH disappearance | Fox News