Philippine customs service

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Philippine Electrical Wiring – Building our Philippine House

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Duty free items, import-export restrictions. Philippine Customs Duties and Taxes. K likes.

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This page is intended to educate Filipinos on basic rules in the computation of customs duties and taxes. This is the official Facebook page of the Bureau of Customs, Republic of the Philippines.

This also /5(). Journalism without fear or favor is what a free and independent press is all about. That's what we guarantee our readers. Headlines, commentary, business, sports. The Bureau of Customs, for instance, requires dozens of signatures in order to clear air cargo, which can be expedited with the use of local customs brokers.

The Filipino approach is to delegate to staff or a business associate capable of navigating the bureaucracy. announcing our live telephone forum we're here to answer your questions about everything! foreign travel, foreign customs, foreign women, how to protect yourself from scams and so much more!

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Philippine customs service
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