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James Douglas, Lord of Douglas

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Sir James Douglas

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Sir James Douglas: Sir James Douglas, lord of the Douglas family and champion of Robert de Bruce (King Robert I of Scotland). Son of Sir William Douglas (d. c. ), who was captured by the English and died in the Tower of London, Sir James was educated in Paris and returned home to find an Englishman, Robert de.

Sir James Douglas (also known as Good Sir James and James the Black Douglas), (died ), was a Scottish soldier, knight and leader during the Wars of Scottish Independence. He is considered one of Scotland's greatest heroes.

DOUGLAS, SIR JAMES, one of the most remarkable men of the heroic age to which he belonged, and the founder of the great fame and grandeur of one of the most illustrious houses in Scotland, was the eldest son of William Douglas, a baron, or magnate of Scotland, who.

Sir James Douglas (also known as Guid Sir James and the Black Douglas), ( – August 25, ), was a Scottish soldier and knight who fought in the Scottish Wars of video-accident.coms: Sir William "le Hardi" Douglas,Elisabeth Stewart of Crawford, Alianore Eleanor Douglas. Sir James Douglas (also known as Good Sir James and James the Black Douglas), (died ), was a Scottish soldier, knight and leader during the Wars of Scottish is considered one of Scotland's greatest was a follower and close friend of king Robert I of Scotland (also called Robert the Bruce).

Sir james douglas
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