Taxi songwriting service

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12 Years With Taxi

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Review of the Taxi A&R Music Placement Service

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Pro Broadcasting Online video streaming for broadcasters Ustream Align Secure video sharing for teams and enterprises. A Muse's Muse Interview with TAXI's Michael Laskow conducted by: Jodi Krangle If you're like a lot of songwriters, you've heard about a whole host of various ways to promote your songs and get them heard.

Our service is for songwriters, artists, and composers who are looking for commercial success, not a pat on the back or stroke to their ego. While some believe that TAXI is only for musicians who write and record music that is targeted ONLY at the Billboard Hot Chart, the opposite is often true.

12 Years With Taxi Taxi is an independent A&R company, connecting musicians with labels, publishers, and music supervisors. On the 1st and 15th of every month, they provide a list of industry opportunities for members to submit songs to. TAXI members sign major and indie record deals, publishing deals, and license their music for Film and TV placements, TV commercials, movie trailers, and video games.

Indie Artists, Songwriters, Bands, and Composers use TAXI's expert feedback to help get them started, get great, and get signed!

Taxi songwriting service
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